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Dis Post is Da Bomb!


It's Tyrone and I'm taking over today's update!

Adrian and I thought it'd be fun to give you a themed update. So today
is officially bombday. We're going to cover some of the really fun
bomb weapons in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

Let's start with an oldie, but goodie. Oldbombs are Mr. Mega + Bobs
curse, Mr. Mega, Bobby Bomb. So that's larger damage radius, poison
damage, and homing. Very awesome.

For the next few, I'm going to do something fun and not tell you the
names of these bombs. It'll be up to you to figure out what they are
in two weeks.

____BOMBS (   Y   )
So these lovely items explode like normal bombs, but damage everything
in the room and adds confusion to enemies. Oh yeah, we also get the
lovely shit cloud effect.

____BOMBS :(
Also like normal bombs, these explode, but an added bonus of Tammy's
effect (shooting tears around the bombs).

Aside from exploding, these also do contact fire damage, which I like.
And they leave flames in their wake.

Buuut wait, we're not done. I also want to tell you about a little
collaboration we're doing with Alex Hicks. You may or may not know
him, but you should! I like you he's a huge Isaac fan, logging
hundreds of hours on the original. You can follow him on Twitter:

Ed and I are working with him on an updated release trailer with some
of his 3D magic. I'm going to let him take it over from here.

"I'm 31. I live in Denver, been doing motion graphics professionally
for 10 years.  I wanted to work on a project to teach myself a bit
more 3D and was very hyped by the existing Rebirth trailers. I wanted
to make something moody and atmospheric that super fans like me would
get the most out of. Lots of references and attention to detail.


I sketched the basics out on paper and then started building pieces in
3D. I styled it, timed it and really gave it it's look and feel in
After Effects.


I posted the trailer to Reddit and got great response. Tyrone, Edmund
and Danielle all retweeted it, and eventually got in contact with me
to see about making some adjustments to use it in an official

We broke it down floor by floor and added things to make it tell the
right story and feel more Rebirthy. The guys gave me beta access and
as I played, I'd come across new items/features etc that I thought
would be cool to cameo. I'd go through and do a pass, cramming more
stuff in, and then another and another.


The end result is a much better trailer than I originally created and
something I am very proud to have been a part of! Ed and Tyrone have
been great to work with and I hope to do more with them in the


We're almost exactly two weeks from release. Is your body ready?


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